Victoria Powers
Performance Coach | Writer | Complex Creature

 (Ayshah) Victoria Powers 

Thanks for  visiting my Empowered LifeLines site! Here's the expected "about me" verbiage.
Sorry - I refuse to write about myself in the 3rd person! 😊 I have several websites  for my multi-faceted lifestyle - however, I consider this to be the most comprehensive site.

"To encourage and uplift people from all backgrounds by inspiring them to recognize their own power and providing them with tools and strategies to enhance the quality of their lives.”

I believe everyone ought to have a personal mission statement [click here to find out why...].

The product of the British all-girls boarding school system (take that as you wish), I am a multi-dimensional adventurer who decided to move from London, England to the United States in the mid 1990s. Hey - what can I say? I was young. It made sense at the time. And, yes, I am glad I did!

I have a wonderfully mixed (racial, ethnic, cultural, spiritual) heritage. Yes - I loooooove the multiple bloodlines formed through my divergent ancestral DNA which make me who I am. I embrace every part of who I am. This - along with my upbringing and the colorful life I have lived, contribute to the atypical range of insight one has into the spectrum of human behavior across cultural, social, political and international boundaries.

My English name is Victoria and my Arabic name is Ayshah (which means life). I answer to both names - though these days, if someone calls me Ayshah, they've probably known me for over a decade (and have no difficulty pronouncing it...).

Some facts that may surprise you:

  • For several years, I sang in a 200+ Southern Baptist choir
  • I love hockey and played at various levels many years ago
  • I am an introvert. Yes. Really.

[for the obligatory curriculum vitae - click here for my LinkedIn Profile]
Over 2 decades, my career has spanned real estate, public relations, marketing, broadcasting, non-profit, international relations and event production and I have amassed some rather valuable skills, insight, expertise - and a substantial network of interesting people. 

Some general points:

  • Since 2009,  I have operated my coaching/consulting business.
  • Today, I prefer to help people who help people...
  •  I primarily work on Performance Coaching and Digital Branding projects.
  • Through Everwise, I coach/mentor professionals who want to develop their Executive Presence. 
  • Change management - particularly relating to cross-cultural education grabs my interest.
  • I am an advocate for social enterprise, the global compassionate movement and mindful leadership.  I was part of the founding team for Compassionate Atlanta - where I continued to serve until I left Atlanta for DC. 
  • I like to take on challenging roles(beyond my comfort zone) from time to time. These could be for non-profits, educational institutions or government projects.

My professional life now focuses on a more holistic approach to living my personal mission (see above) which centers around enhancing the quality of the lives of those who choose to seek me out. I also enjoy creating joy through photography - with a developing focus on portraiture. 


I have a heart for volunteerism and have not only volunteered for several non-profit causes but have also been instrumental in developing volunteer-based teams. 

When we lived in Atlanta, the "hobby" that occupied a great part of my time was the 620+ International Social Club  I created. It is of course unusual to call such an initiative a hobby, however it brought me great pleasure to be the catalyst of so many new professional and personal connections and of course to effect much needed change regarding international relations in the city of Atlanta. I now host social events for others with similar lifestyles - in my current neck of the woods.

Among other things, I really loooooove kickboxing (and hiking when I actually get myself out there...). I am also attempting to develop a mindfulness meditation practice. 

Over the past few years, I have written (and ghost-written) several blogs (here's a current one) and I have a  book project in the works. 

So there you have it! Moi - in a relatively tidy nutshell.


I have been married since 1997 to a truly wonderful human being. He is an Organizational Performance Improvement Leader in his field - and a prior US Marine.  We are both rather driven when it comes to our work - but I try to practice what I preach and regularly recalibrate my activities to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Sometimes, my husband does too! We both love traveling, mountain escapes and spending time by the water - and do so whenever we can. (Sounds so generic - but it's true!)

Thanks for reading - now that I am no longer a stranger (with an RBF when in concentration mode) - please feel free to get in touch!