Victoria Powers | Performance Strategist & Coach

Thanks for  visiting my Empowered LifeLines site! 
I have several websites  for my multi-faced lifestyle - however, I consider this to be the most formal (business) site.

The product of the British all-girls boarding school system (take that as you wish), I am a multi-dimensional adventurer who decided to move from London, England to the US in the mid 1990s. I was young, it made sense at the time! 


Academically, English Literature, French, Art and Mathematics were my main subjects in secondary school (high school) and I was a surprisingly speedy defense player on the hockey team - all the way through University (B.Sc. in Psychology).

I have a wonderfully mixed (racial, ethnic, cultural) heritage and a very diverse lifestyle.This has given me an unusual level of knowledge regarding human behavior across global boundaries. 

I am known as Ayshah (it's an Arabic word that means "life") to some,  and to others I am Victoria. It all depends on what context you know me. It doesn't really matter to me which name you use for me - I always leave it up to you. If you want to know why I simultaneously use both names - I'll tell you - when we sit down for a chat! 

Some facts that may surprise you:

  •  I use to sing as a first soprano in a 200+ Southern Baptist choir
  • I love hockey and played at various levels many years ago
  • I am an introvert. Yes. Really.

I am extremely passionate about cross-cultural education and have been active in the international arena for most of my life. In fact I am just plain passionate about life!

"To encourage and uplift people from all backgrounds by inspiring them to recognize their own power and providing them with tools and strategies to enhance the quality of their lives.”

— Ayshah Victoria Powers

My professional career has spanned real estate, public relations, marketing, broadcasting, non-profit, international relations and event production and I have amassed some rather valuable skills, insight, expertise and a vast network.

I have operated  my consulting business, ExecPointe. LLC,  since 2009 and today, I primarily focus on Performance Coaching and Digital Branding. I am particularly passionate about social enterprise, the compassionate movement and change management - especially when cross-cultural awareness is involved.  I was part of the founding team for Compassionate Atlanta - where I continued to serve until I moved to D.C.

My professional life now focusing on a more holistic approach to living my personal mission (see above) which centers around enhancing the quality of the lives of those who choose to seek out my expertise. 

I have a heart for volunteerism and have not only volunteered for several non-profit organizations but have also been instrumental in developing volunteer-based teams through volunteer management.

Hobbies? I have several - in the past, when I lived in Atlanta, the hobby that occupied most of my spare time was the 620+ International Social Club  I created and ran. It is of course unusual to call such an initiative a hobby, however it brought me great pleasure to be the catalyst of so many new professional and personal connections and of course to effect much needed change regarding international relations in the area.

I now prefer studying self-improvement and holistic practices and among other things, I am methodically developing a mindfulness meditation practice.     

I have written (and ghost-written) several blogs and I'm currently working on two very different book projects. One is an extremely involved work of fiction and the other is an self-empowerment book!


I have been married since 1997 to my wonderful husband, an Operational  Excellence Leader in his field - and a prior US Marine. We live in the Washington DC area.  Whenever we can, we enjoy traveling, cooking, trips to the mountains and boating.