The Intermediate CAREER Explorer (ICE) Program 

The Intermediate Career Explorer (ICE) Program provides customized coaching and assessment tools that assist in evaluating your career goals. This program is best suited to individuals who are not satisfied with where they are with their career or job and can benefit from identifying and addressing roadblocks preventing them from attaining a healthy, fulfilling career. The ICE program is particularly popular for individuals who wish to TRANSITION their current skills to another role within their organization or into another industry.


Training and coaching focus areas in this program include;

  • - Navigating corporate culture
  • - Polishing interpersonal skills
  • - Evaluating career goals and defining desires & values
  • - Assessing personality type (via testing) as it relates to career and job choices
  • - Researching industry-specific roles and actual responsibilities
  • - Identifying and overcoming roadblocks
  • - Mapping out a plan for long-range career development
  • - Customized LinkedIn tutorial *
  • - Career transition strategies
  • - Developing a career network
  • - Creating a strong, clear résumé package *
  • - Self-presentation coaching *


ICE Regular Rates start at $95.00/hour.  A typical service agreement consists of 4 to 6 sessions, including evaluation tools, homework and a completely revamped résumé  package.

* These topics are also available as individual services – ranging from $95 – $175 per service.

Other related services you may be interested in are our Video Presentation Training Program and our Coaching Programs.

Special rates are available periodically & payment terms can be adjusted for client’s convenience.

THE PowerZone CAREER Portfolio Program

The Performance Strategist's team of experts come together and create  an amazing portfolio that will get you extremely excited about your future! Part branding and part career-refocus, the PowerZone Career Portfolio program includes the following:

  • BrandYOU Training
  • Tools to upgrade your LinkedIn profile
  • Your own career-focused website
  • Interactive business cards
  • Bi-monthly coaching sessions