Digital Branding


What is YOUR Digital Brand?

Most people are baffled by this question. I can clear this up for you once and for all.  YOUR Brand is quite simply YOU!  It is how you are perceived by the public. The more significant this perception may be to you determines to what degree you want to OWN YOUR BRAND.

I provide customized (BrandYOU) branding services in the following areas;

  • WEBSITE CREATION - Either you define YOU or others (the internet) will define you.
  • BUSINESS RE-BRANDING -  Engage with your audience with revised content development, marketing material.
  •  SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING CAMPAIGN - Promote your services, events or cause effectively with customized marketing strategies.



Curriculum Vitae or Résumé - whatever you share with recruiters and headhunters is fine - but to stand out from the crowd, why not take it a step further with a website EXCLUSIVELY dedicated to your professional image.

If you think you can create all this yourself - you are right, you probably can. And if you have the time ( multiple hours), objective eye, and expertise for it, you should. But if like many hyper-busy, over-burdened professionals who may be considering going a transition, rebrand or digital revamping of their professional identity or company image - then you call me. Simple.

PACKAGES START AT $100 /year (US/Canada) or £100 (UK).

For existing websites, I can provide a rebranding consultation and produce content But I do not edit existing websites.


  • Domain Name (and corresponding email address)
  •  Web Hosting 


  • Modern Website
  • Modern Business card 
  • Powerful Headshot (or extensive photo shoot) 
  • LinkedIn Revision
  • Video/Skype Presention Training 
  • Web hosting platforms are selected based on project requirements.  

Once we have had a consultation and we have determined that my expertise and your needs are a match, I will provide instructions on some next steps. 

Please Note: I specifically work with professionals with at least 10 years experience and who require a fresh take on their professional digital presence.  

BSX Double-exposure-portrait 2.jpg


WEBSITES BECOME DATED - REALLY QUICKLY - so it's important to keep your web presence fresh and current. How? You can either edit the content on your existing website or create a fresher one. I compare this to the difference between renovating an old home (with an older foundation and older plumbing) versus moving in to a new house that is designed for who you are and how you live - with a focus on your future plans.

As you can tell - I believe in using a new foundation when "renovating" your existing business site. 



I collaborate with several designers and creative minds to produce marketing and promotional products including the following:

  • Business Cards
  • Logo Design
  • Social Media Banners
  • Digital and/or Print Flyers