Signature Empowerment Powershops ™

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We call our signature workshops PowerShops due to their impact. Attendees are empowered with relevant tools and stimulating knowledge. We make a point of only partnering with expert presenters who know how to engage their audience. We offer 3 main PowerShops.

Global Communication PowerShop ™ (GCP) 

[THIS WORKSHOP IS TEMPORARILY INACTIVE] The Global Communication PowerShop is designed to educate participants on the various nuances of doing business with people from different cultures within the United States as well as overseas. This powershop is designed for individual professionals as well as corporate groups who want to (a) better understand foreign cultural behavior, (b) avoid unintentional offenses and (c)  improve business relations.

Digital Presence PowerShop ™ (DPP)

The Digital Presence PowerShop incorporates aspects of BRANDING, SOCIAL MEDIA  and PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT strategies to give participants the tools and insight into understanding and improving the impressions the external world has of them based on how they present themselves (and their businesses) online - their "Online Identity". Click here for more on Digital Branding.

Career Revision PowerShop ™ (CRP)

The Career Revision PowerShop  is aimed at driven, career-minded participants ready to reassess the status of their career. This powershop helps establish whether you are on the right path and if not – what other options you have. This powershop especially benefits participants who want to discover how their current skills and experience could possibly translate into a lateral industry. We also have a The Intermediate Career Explorer Program – a great option  for individual (one-on-one) clients.


Conferences / Seminars:   Incorporating one of our PowerShops into a corporate retreat or team-building event is a great way to energize, motivate and uplift attendees using a combination of stimulating, thought-provoking content and interactive activities.