I consider it a privilege to work with those in leading roles within their chosen field. I admire and greatly respect the work it takes  - which is why I like to make life a little easier for them - and I do! How? By developing a special relationship with them  - one that is part confidant, part consultant and part motivator.  

In addition to programs such as the Empowered Alpha Coaching Program (EAC) and other coaching-specific programs, below here are two of my Strategic Leadership Programs.

The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority.
— Kenneth Blanchard

The Empowered Strategist Program 

For the complete Leadership Enhancement package, I have the Empowered Strategist Program. This power-packed program is designed for leaders who want to focus on strategic planning and application. Clients who select this program are at the upper management or executive level of their profession. It is especially suited to those in transition. This program is also works well for Small Business Owners.

The (typical) EMPOWERED STRATEGIST Program includes;


  • - Current Brand Assessment

  • - Fully-loaded customized strategic planning package

  • - Bi-Weekly 45 minute sessions

  • - Unlimited E-Coaching email exchanges per month

  • - Additional material, handouts and /or assessments – specific to your needs

The EMPOWERED STRATEGIST Program is offered on a monthly, a 3-month and a 6-month basis.

The Empowered Team Program

This program is valuable to leaders with under-performing staff or teams. The highly effective Empowered Team Program employs Lean Thinking, Change Management Principles and behavioral-based assessments to help you create your a Powerful, High Performing Team.